2. Sunrise
1. Muse
3. Reflecting tunnel
4. Adjimushkai
5. Boat in sielence
6. Blooming
What does Dranga score about ?
1. Happy
2. I know
For decades, Peter has composed and produced music with an intense emotional element and strong energy. After achieving great success touring doing live instrumental performances, he has a talent for reading the audience and being able to influence them through his compositions and arrangements. Peter colors his music with symphonic orchestra and ethnic instruments fusing it with alternative electronic sounds creating unique original musical pieces that marry well with the time proposed by the screenplay.
Peter has scored and produced a significant amount of music worldwide. “I’m not afraid” Limp Biskit, “Spell” (Collaboration with Timbaland), “I know why you came here” (Jordan Banks), “Above the city” (Music for the movie by J. Mazurova, “Girls” (Music for the movie by A.Legchilova, “When the fern blooms” (music for movie by E. Bedarev).
Peter has also scored music for worldwide well known TV shows such as “Eurovision” and “Russians” (Jeff Jetkins, Bell Entertainment).
(E. Mironov) - composer.
Music piece of “Land of hope”, music for the trailer for a theater play by Theater of Nations.
«Iran Conference»
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"New Year's tariff"
music for the film by E. Bedarev
“When the fern blooms”
music for the film by E. Bedarev
“Girl’s club”
music for the film by A. Legchilova
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